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stinky smelly womens sock fetish worship

All worn smelly socks will be shipped in sealed plastic bags to ensure stinky freshness. Please contact me prior to purchase to ensure your smelly sock choices are still available (I can only wear so many socks!!!) Special requests for enthusiastic sock fetishists considered :-) I love to wear socks especially for those of you who love smelly used women's socks. Let me know what worn smell socks you like and what types of shoes you'd prefer me to wear with your smelly used socks.

Sheer black pantyhose

You can't go wrong with smelly pantyhose

used sexy black sheer nylons fetish used sexy black sheer nylons fetish

Fun striped pink socks

Playful stripes and smells...

smelly pink striped socks fetish worship smelly pink striped socks  

SEXY white socks

Worn and good for any occasion...

smelly white pattern socks fetish feet worship smelly white pattern socks  

Ankle Sports Socks Fetish

Extremely Well Worn and Super Smelly!!!

super smelly sports socks grey super smelly sports socks grey feet worship fetish  


Smelly socks in all shapes and sizes...

AND, more importantly, SMELLS!!!

smelly blue pattern socks fetish smelly beige pattern sock fetish  

Silky smooths...

Aroma capturing sheer hose...

silky smelly bluegrey nylons fetish silky smelly bluegrey nylons fetish worship  
stinky socks fetish foot worship