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stinky smelly womens sock fetish
silky smelly bluegrey nylons

I'm a single, 23 year old girl, who gets totally turned on by guys sucking my toes and smelling my stinky worn socks! I wear most of my socks for as long as I can, until they are too smelly and people start to notice at work.

If you have a sock fetish and love smelly used socks, email me and tell me what you'd do with my smelly socks or feet. If it's hot enough, and you're up for it, I'll send you some of my smelly socks so we can both fantasize. Serious used smelly sock fetishist only please! (Maybe foot fetishists too - lol)

I'm so horny I cannot wait. Email me, ASAP! so you can tell me how my socks smell. If I had the time to spend with you all I'd be here, talking about my smelly used well worn socks and sock fetish, but alas, I don't. But you can tell me all about your sexy smelly used sock fetishes and fantasies and I'll do my best to respond.

stinky socks fetish foot